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2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

EPRI completed a full corporate social responsibility assessment in 2015 culminating in release of its first Corporate Social Responsibility report. The report (and companion video) provides a comprehensive look at EPRI's social responsibility culture and actions around four focus areas: community, employees, operations, and research.

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Product Abstract

Concepts to Enable Advancement of Distributed Energy Resources

Product ID:1020432
Date Published:19-Feb-2010
Sector Name:Power Delivery & Utilization - Distribution & Utilization
Document Type:Technical Results
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A shift in approach from designing control systems to a focus on enabling technology utilizing smart grid communications holds a key to a larger door into the smart grid revolution. The expansion of grid technology allows us to consider a focus on motivation in lieu of commands and information as an alternative to control. This whitepaper offers an update to our traditional control-based thinking to present an approach that enables independent development of smart grid products. The proposed concept architecture can act to also simplify the prioritized action plans undertaken by various industry groups and initiatives.

Sophisticated solutions have been offered that utilize smart grid technology to take over some key aspects of device control. As an alternative, we need to give consideration to concepts that provide an elegant simplicity enabling us to work smarter at a fraction of the cost to accomplish the desired results. In the emerging smart grid system, there are key elements to provide "smartness" for the power grid that reside at the end nodes. The devices and systems at the end nodes can utilize information exchanges with a resource energy controller to modify energy consumption based on the information exchanged.

This paper will describe the functionality enabled by true smartness at the end nodes. This re-focused approach lets us not only address obsolescence issues, but also enable the continuous improvement and innovation upon which our economy depends. Replacement of the command and control approach with an inform and motivate approach allows the customer and the power grid to interoperate with full transparent, extensible, and scalable interoperability.

The concept discussed also opens a doorway enabling a device manufacturer to design their product or system to be qualified as a virtual end node that is able to participate in any larger smart grid entity above it without fear of obsolescence. This concept presents a simple but workable approach for management of onsite or remote resources of both a similar and non-similar nature to accelerate development of the overall smart grid as well as smart grid enabled products.

2010 Program 177   PDU Demonstrations
  • Demand Response
  • Energy management system (EMS)
  • Home area network (HAN)
  • Distributed energy resource controller (DER)
  • Demand response automation servers (DRAS)
  • Resource energy controller

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