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Product Abstract

Program on Technology Innovation: Assessment of Fusion Energy Options for Commercial Electricity Production

Product ID:1025636
Date Published:15-Oct-2012
Sector Name:Technology Innovation
Document Type:Technical Results
Price:No Charge

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   2.74 MB - Adobe PDF (.pdf)


Fusion energy options were reviewed to assess technical readiness levels for commercial electricity production for the power industry. Magnetic and inertial confinement systems, in addition to nontraditional fusion concepts, were reviewed by a technical panel of experts, based on workshop presentations by the proponents of each technology. The results are summarized in this report. The conclusion of the review is that, although significant progress is being made in many areas, commercial application is not likely for at least 30 years—if the concepts prove feasible. Recommendations are provided to focus more of this research on engineering and power applications and to engage the power industry in monitoring progress.

2012 Program  
  • Energy
  • Fusion
  • Hybrid fusion
  • Inertial confinement
  • Magnetic confinement
  • Technical readiness levels

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