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Product Abstract

FirstEnergy Smart Grid Demonstration Project

Product ID:1020229
Date Published:21-Sep-2009
Sector Name:Power Delivery & Utilization - Distribution & Utilization
Document Type:Issues & Overviews
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FirstEnergy is deploying its smart grid project in the central region of its Jersey Central Power & Light operating company. It is an Integrated Distributed Energy Resource (IDER) management smart grid project and will deliver operational and mar-ket program benefits by managing distributed energy resources (DER). Its focus is demand management with distributed re-sources and includes 23 MW of direct load control (DLC) equipment at 10,000 residential and approximately 100 commercial and industrial customer locations. The project will give the utility the ability to monitor and control non-critical customer electrical loads at a granular level via two-way com-munications architecture. The IDER architecture provides monitoring and control through an Integrated Control Platform (ICP) which monitors the local distribution circuits for system reliabil-ity while also monitoring for wholesale energy market opportunities. The ICP can aggregate multiple DER for optimal wide area management. This smart grid project is designed to provide utility operations with real-time system status based on pre-defined utility operational rules with management through the ICP. Other DER technologies, including electricity storage, permanent peak load shift devices in the form of ice storage as well as distribution line sensors, substation meter/monitors and photovoltaics are being added to the system to maximize the lessons of this smart grid project.
Program 177   PDU Demonstrations
  • Storage
  • Distributed Energy Resources
  • Distributed generation
  • Interoperability
  • Demand Response
  • Smart grid
  • Integration
  • Renewable

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