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EPRI Summer Seminar

Each year, EPRI meets with executives and experts to discuss industry challenges and opportunities. Summer Seminar has played a crucial role in shaping EPRI’s research portfolio and the future of electricity worldwide.

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Hydrovision Open New Window
Nashville, TN
July 22 - 25, 2014

Hydrovision offers opportunities for professionals to network, discuss, and share best practices in issues pertaining to waterpower.

Event Hashtag: #HydroVision
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Together... Shaping the Future of Electricity

EPRI's identity is cultivated by its collaborations with electricity industry stakeholders from across the world.

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The Integrated Grid

EPRI has developed a concept paper that explores how to realize the full value of central and distributed energy resources.

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First Credits Transacted in EPRI’s Water Quality Trading Progam

EPRI recently transacted the first interstate credits for water nutrients in the United States, a major step forward in our Ohio River Basin Water Quality Trading Program.

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Climbing Over Old Challenges

EPRI’s new concrete crawler inspection robot offers a glimpse of safer, faster, and less expensive means for utilities to examine aging infrastructure.

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Water Research Center Makes World Premier

Georgia Power and EPRI recently dedicated the new Water Research Center at Plant Bowen: a collaborative effort that will analyze ways to reduce, conserve and improve the quality of water returned to the environment from power plants.

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The Integrated Grid

The Integrated Grid

EPRI's report on the future of the electric power system highlights the need to integrate distributed energy resources with the planning and operation of the grid.

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