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EPRI Summer Seminar

Each year, EPRI meets with executives and experts to discuss industry challenges and opportunities. Summer Seminar has played a crucial role in shaping EPRI’s research portfolio and the future of electricity worldwide.

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Large Electric Motor Users Group Vender ExpoOpen New Window
Glendale, Arizona
January 25-28, 2016

The Nuclear Maintenance Applications Center (NMAC) operated by EPRI, announces the Large Electric Motors Users Group (LEMUG) Meeting and Workshop. Participants are encouraged to come and discuss issues related to application and maintenance of their electric motors. There will be technical presentations and project plans discussed during this meeting.
Newsroom Careers EPRI Journal

The new EPRI Journal is out now.

This current edition of the EPRI Journal focuses on research and industry insights, including the breakdown of the energy storage future and how China is building dozens of nuclear reactors in the coming decades.

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A reality check on energy storage

Haresh Kamath, EPRI’s program manager for energy storage, explains that while energy storage is the future, it's not a broad, immediate reality just yet.

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Limiting Carbon Emissions: A Different Approach

A new EPRI white paper looks at technologies other than carbon capture and storage (CCS) that could enable power plants fueled solely by coal to operate so efficiently, they can meet proposed carbon dioxide emissions standards. See the press release and the full report.

2015 State of Technology Report

New technologies and customer choices are driving fundamental changes in electric power systems. EPRI’s State of the Technology Report highlights these challenges and shows how R&D contributes to progress.

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Electric Vehicle Analysis: Key Findings

An analysis by EPRI and NRDC announced Thursday found that widespread use of electric vehicles could greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and have other significant benefits. See the press release, full report, and view a recap and recording of the press event.

Emphasis on Endangered Species

EPRI is working with the industry and regulators to develop constructive, collaborative approaches to collecting scientific data and advancing research on at-risk species and their habitats.

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Detecting Real-Time Status on Transmission Systems

EPRI is developing a suite of sensors for transmission assets so maintenance can be optimized and unplanned outages avoided.

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 2016 Research Portfolio


See how EPRI's research portfolio is equipping the electricity sector to adapt to change, create new technologies and applications, and achieve new levels of performance.

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2016 Research Portfolio

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