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EPRI Summer Seminar

Each year, EPRI meets with executives and experts to discuss industry challenges and opportunities. Summer Seminar has played a crucial role in shaping EPRI’s research portfolio and the future of electricity worldwide.

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ENV-VISIONOpen New Window
Washington, DC
May 10-11, 2016

Second annual conference to exchange research results on current and emerging issues in the electricity sector, and to develop a shared vision to address the most critical environmental and sustainability challenges through engagement of electric industry leaders, regulators, NGOs, academics, and other stakeholders.
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ENV-Vision Conference

EPRI’s 2nd annual ENV-Vision Conference brings together leaders from industry, government, NGOs, academia, and other stakeholders to define the research needs to solve the current and future environmental challenges facing the electricity sector.

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Newest EPRI Journal Out Now

This January, 2016 edition of the EPRI Journal focuses on research and industry insights, including the re-integration of nuclear power into Japan's energy portfolio and "super" coatings for transmission systems.

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EPRI-led team awarded funding to research optimal placement, combination of solar and energy storage

The U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative announced a cooperative funding award for an EPRI-led team of utilities, universities and companies to research the most optimal placement and combinations of solar PV and energy storage technologies in this three year project.

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EPRI deepens engagement in Japanese nuclear landscape after Fukushima

At least 11 nuclear units, including the six at Fukushima Daiichi, will be shut down permanently and fully decommissioned. For the remaining units, utilities are evaluating the costs and benefits of restarting after making significant safety modifications, which include increased tsunami and seismic protection.

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Southern Solar Exposure

A new video highlights work by EPRI, Southern Company and Southern Research (SR) at the new Southeastern Solar Research Center on new solar power technologies and performance.

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Limiting Carbon Emissions: A Different Approach

A new EPRI white paper looks at technologies other than carbon capture and storage (CCS) that could enable power plants fueled solely by coal to operate so efficiently, they can meet proposed carbon dioxide emissions standards. See the press release and the full report.

EPRI at the Paris COP21 Meeting

EPRI research is being featured at several side events during the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change COP 21 in Paris.

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 2016 Research Portfolio


See how EPRI's research portfolio is equipping the electricity sector to adapt to change, create new technologies and applications, and achieve new levels of performance.

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2016 Research Portfolio

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