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2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

EPRI completed a full corporate social responsibility assessment in 2015 culminating in release of its first Corporate Social Responsibility report. The report (and companion video) provides a comprehensive look at EPRI's social responsibility culture and actions around four focus areas: community, employees, operations, and research.

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Electric power companies face unique challenges and tradeoffs related to sustainability. They are expected to manage financial, environmental and social performance, while providing safe, reliable and affordable power. Electric power companies can achieve enduring growth, superior long-term financial performance, and improved risk management by thoughtfully addressing sustainability issues.

EPRI produces research and tools that help electric utilities define, measure, and achieve sustainability. Our work enables companies to share, innovate, and learn about sustainability topics most important to electric utilities and their stakeholders. Beginning in 2008 and with more than 40 electric companies participating today, we are supporting one of the largest collaborative research initiatives in the industry focused on advancing sustainability.

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For more information please contact:

Chris Mahoney
Communications Manager
Phone: 704-595-2653
Email: cmahoney@epri.com

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  • Thursday, August 4th @ 10am PT / 1pm ET: Sustainable​ Electricity – What are we really talking about?
  • Thursday, September 29th @ 10am PT / 1pm​ ET: The Reality of Realizing Change: Case Studies from Industry Leaders
  • Thursday, December 1st @ 11am PT / 2pm ET: The Right Metrics to Benchmark Sustainability for the Electric Power Industry

Learn more about our suite of sustainability research and publications through our 2015 Abstract Document.

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