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2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

EPRI completed a full corporate social responsibility assessment in 2015 culminating in release of its first Corporate Social Responsibility report. The report (and companion video) provides a comprehensive look at EPRI's social responsibility culture and actions around four focus areas: community, employees, operations, and research.

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The Integrated Grid

The electric power system is changing with the rise of distributed energy resources (DER) connected to the distribution system. In many settings these distributed resources already affect the grid, and their projected expansion may significantly change the technical, operational, environmental and financial character of the electricity sector.

To realize fully the value of distributed energy resources (DER) and to serve all consumers at established standards of quality and reliability, the need has arisen to integrate DER in the planning and operation of the electricity grid and to expand its scope to include DER operation—what EPRI is calling the Integrated Grid.

EPRI has begun work on a three-phase initiative to provide stakeholders with information and tools that will be integral to four key areas of collaboration. All aspects of this work are currently being communicated and discussed on our Integrated Grid Online Community, a collaborative that endeavors to provide a common ground for people who share an interest in the Integrated Grid. Here you will find technical and academic resources, news and events, insights from industry experts, and monthly discussion topics designed to spark dialogue and foster ideas that will help shape the future of our electric power grid.

Visit the Integrated Grid Online Community



For media inquiries please contact:

Clay C. Perry
Senior Media Relations Manager
Phone: 202-293-6184
Email: clperry@epri.com

For technical inquiries please contact:

Ronald L. Schoff
Program Manager, Technology Innovation
Phone: 704-595-2554
Email: rschoff@epri.com


Action Plan

An integrated grid that optimizes the power system while providing safe, reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible electricity will require focused collaboration in four key areas.

Next Steps

EPRI has begun work on a three-phase initiative to provide stakeholders with information and tools that will be integral to the four areas of collaboration.

Key Points

Several requirements are recognized when defining an integrated grid. It must enhance electrical infrastructure, must be universally applicable and should remain robust under a range of foreseeable conditions.