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2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

EPRI completed a full corporate social responsibility assessment in 2015 culminating in release of its first Corporate Social Responsibility report. The report (and companion video) provides a comprehensive look at EPRI's social responsibility culture and actions around four focus areas: community, employees, operations, and research.

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Health and Safety

Rapid expansion of wireless technologies in the electricity industry, coupled with the inherent safety risks associated with electricity, requires stakeholders to understand and assess their impacts on the health and human safety of society.

EPRI’s research works to understand and reduce scientific uncertainties associated with potential health effects of electric and magnetic fields (EMF), radio-frequency (RF) emissions, and air toxics and pollutants including public health risks of general electric power industry operations. Our research also examines workplace injuries to improve employee health and manage labor-related costs through injury and illness trend analyses, ergonomic interventions, and assessments of new health issues unique to the electric utility workplace environment.



For more information please contact:

Chris Mahoney
Communications Manager
Phone: 704-595-2653
Email: cmahoney@epri.com

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New transmission & distribution construction and capacity upgrades, along with expanding smart grid technologies’ reliance on wireless communications, has created public concern about possible human health risks from EMF and RF exposures. Such concerns can lead to construction and project schedule delays and changes in exposure guidelines for public health protection.

EPRI conducts research that contributes to scientific knowledge on potential health effects of EMF/RF exposures and provides health risk evaluations that informs exposure guideline development to help electric utilities protect workers and public safety.

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Learn more about EPRI’s research in the health effects of EMF and RF.


Health studies indicate important associations between air pollutants and human health effects. However, there is scientific uncertainty about which individual components of pollutants are related to adverse health effects or how these components interact with other air pollutants. Particulate Matter, for example, is composed of hundreds of individual components and there is growing scientific consensus that not all of these components are equally toxic.

EPRI addresses key scientific uncertainties to determine which components are associated with health effects, and our efforts generate information to support health risk estimates of these components. Our research also seeks to identify the true causative agents, and the sources of those agents, affecting human health and the environment.


Rules governing occupational health and safety influence the amount of exposure monitoring, injury prevention and training programs and engineering controls or best practice guidelines required for electricity industry workers. EPRI’s research in worker safety provides scientific information on workplace injury and illness prevention and offers the basis for informed health and safety practices, including ergonomic interventions and noise and chemical exposures, for current and future electricity infrastructure.