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Each year, EPRI meets with executives and experts to discuss industry challenges and opportunities. Summer Seminar has played a crucial role in shaping EPRI’s research portfolio and the future of electricity worldwide.

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2015 Research Portfolio

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This conference focuses on gaining insights from the unprecedented investments in Smart Grid deployments with a focus on Smart Grid successes, surprises and challenges in applying results and reaching beyond current deployments and into the future phases of grid modernization.
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Grid Modernization

Our current electric grid uses many technologies that date back to the time of Thomas Edison, requiring the electricity industry to seek new ways in which power can be generated, delivered and used in ways that minimize environmental impacts, enhance markets, improve reliability and service, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Utilities are beginning to modernize the electric grid through the gradual development of a “smart grid” that uses information and communication technologies to manage electricity more efficiently. Due to the complexity, number and scale of the systems and devices involved in a smarter grid, interoperability between the various systems is key to successful implementation. Research can address interoperability issues while furthering innovation in grid modernization efforts.






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EPRI manages one of the most comprehensive smart grid demonstration projects in the world. The demonstrations, which are being conducted over a seven year period, are regionally based and collaboratively run with utilities and industry stakeholders. Information gleaned from these projects will help integrate distributed power generation, storage and demand response technologies into demand-side “virtual power plants” that use both utility side and customer side technologies.


In order to achieve a high penetration of solar-powered Photovoltaic (PV) generation in distribution systems, PV inverters need to be utilized by utilities. Approximately 67 GW of PV is currently grid-connected worldwide—mostly at the distribution level—without actively supporting the utility grid.

EPRI and several companies are involved in a three year project to develop, implement, and demonstrate smart grid-ready inverters. The project, which is supported by the Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative, provides an opportunity to overcome technical challenges and capture the full value of distributed PV.