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2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

EPRI completed a full corporate social responsibility assessment in 2015 culminating in release of its first Corporate Social Responsibility report. The report (and companion video) provides a comprehensive look at EPRI's social responsibility culture and actions around four focus areas: community, employees, operations, and research.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is an EPRI member and how do I become one?

An EPRI member is an organization who pays for exclusive access to our research, development or demonstration products in electricity. Members are predominantly utilities and hold a number of positions in our advisory culture, directly impacting EPRI’s overall business strategy. Learn more about our members.

If you and your organization have an interest in EPRI membership, please contact the EPRI Customer Assistance Center.

How do I register online?

Registration for member login grants access beyond our public website and is available only to EPRI members.

If you are an EPRI member and need to register for an online account, you will need to go to Create an Account. Once you submit the form, processing time usually takes 1-2 business days. Extra time may be needed to ensure export control compliance. Once access is granted, you will receive an ID and password at the email address you provided during registration.

What if I forget my User Name and/or Password?

You will need to access the Forgot Your User Name or Password form and enter the email address you provided when you registered. Your User Name and a temporary password will be sent to you immediately.

How do I find and download EPRI products?

EPRI’s Search tool is the easiest way to find reports and software and is located at the top right corner of every page. Enter a keyword, multiple keywords or a Product ID and click the Search button to obtain your results. If you need assistance, you can learn more at Search Tips.

If I am not a member, can I download a product from the Search results page?

It depends on the product you are trying to access. While all of EPRI’s research ultimately becomes publically available, many products may be initially limited to members due to their potential impacts on business decisions.

Non-members may download any document that displays an active download button. A grayed-out download button indicates that the document is not available for download, either because there is a cost associated with the document or the product is not deliverable online. If you are interested in purchasing a research report, the non-member price can be found on the Abstract. Access the Abstract by clicking on the report title.

How do I locate an EPRI Product when I have the Product ID?

Enter the Product ID into the Search box in the upper right corner of any page. Select “Search” and wait for the server to return your results.

If the Product is active and available online, it will be returned as an Exact Match. If the Product has been superseded, the newest version will be displayed. Other Products that reference the ID will also appear in the search results.

If the Product is not displayed as an Exact Match and/or it is not the first result, it is likely unavailable online. TIP: Double check the ID, or try another search using the document title or appropriate keyword.

If you would like to order a copy, see: How do I order a hard copy of a report?

What does it mean when the “Download” button is not clickable?

There are a few different reasons why the Download button is not enabled:

  • If you are an EPRI member, you may need to login to gain access to research your company has funded.

  • If you are an EPRI member, and you are logged in but the Download button is inactive, it may be because your company did not fund the research, or it may be that the product is not available for download.

Products that are not available online can be ordered by members using our Order Request Form.

If you are not an EPRI member, an inactive Download button means that the product is not available without charge to non-members. To find the purchase price, click on the report title.

If you are unable to find or download any product, and you feel this is an error, please contact the Customer Assistance Center.

What if I can’t find a Product (document, software, technical report, etc.) that I have found in the past using Search?

Products may become inactive, and inactive products are not available online. If you need assistance, contact the Customer Assistance Center).

How do I order a hard copy of a report?

If you wish to order a hard copy of a report, please contact the Order Center at orders@epri.com or 1-800-313-3774, option 2. Please include your complete company name, contact information and the ID or name of the product you would like to order. You will then be contacted for payment, which is required for the order prior to shipping. The following are the accepted payment options:

  • Credit Cards (American Express, Master Card, Visa)
  • Company Check (made payable to EPRI)
  • Bank Transfer ($30 fee)

Hours of Operation: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Eastern Std. (GMT -5).

Members may order most products through the Order Request Form

Search Results

EPRI.com's internal search has been enhanced to assist users to find the information they need quickly.

Search results are divided into three distinct categories:

EPRI Websites

This tab will display links to content fund all across epri.com, both member only and public.


This tab displays the research and materials generated by our research.


This tab will display links to events including workshops, training, meetings and webcasts. Meeting materials are also accessible via the search tool.

Once displayed, results can also be sorted by Relevance, Title, and Date.

Filtering the Results

All search results can be narrowed further by using one of the filters available on the page. Those filters include:

Title – Search by Title

Category – Narrow search results to those from EPRI Websites, EPRI Research or events.

Sector – Narrow search results by Nuclear, Generation, Environment, Power Delivery & Utilization (Distribution and Utilization), or Power Delivery & Utilization (Transmission).

Type – Narrow results by Technical Results, Newsletters, Issues & Overviews, Corporate or Event Sheet.

Event Type – Narrow results to those from advisory meetings, meetings or workshops or webcasts.

Web Sites – Narrow results by what website they came from, including Member Center, METT Central, collaboration websites or EPRI public websites.

Implementation Category

– Narrow results (Nuclear only) by implementation category, including reference, Category 1, Category 2, or Strategic Long-Term.

Keywords – Narrow results by keyword. Keyword results vary by search query.

Date – Narrow search results by date, using the slider to see all results, results from two to three years ago, results from 1-2 years ago, results from six months to a year ago, results from one to six months ago, results from the past 30 days or upcoming results.

More Information

To learn more about EPRI's enhanced search engine, view the video at the top of the page or review this PowerPoint document. If you still have questions, please contact the EPRI Customer Assistance Center.


The keyword query syntax includes several operators that you can use to construct complex queries.

Boolean Operators

You use Boolean operators to broaden or narrow your search. You can use Boolean operators with free text expressions and property restrictions in keyword queries. The following table lists the supported Boolean operators.

Operator Description

Returns search results that include all of the free text expressions, or property restrictions specified with the and. You must specify a valid free text expression and/or valid property restriction both preceding and following the and operator.


Returns search results that do not include the specified free text expressions or property restrictions. You must specify a valid free text expression and/or valid property restriction following the not expression. This is functionally the same as using the minus ("-") character.


Returns search results that include one or more of the specified free text expressions or property restrictions. You must specify a valid free text expression and/or a valid property restriction both preceding and following the or operator.

Proximity Operators

You use the near operator to match results where the specified search terms are within close proximity to each other. You can use the near operator with free text expressions only; it is not supported with property restrictions in keyword queries and with phrase queries.

The following keyword query example returns results where an instance of the term "federated" is followed by up to eight other terms, and then an instance of the term "search".

Federated NEAR Search

The order of the terms in the keyword query is respected, so the previous query example will only match when the term "federated" is followed by the term "search." In this example, no match is made when the instance of the term "search" is found before the instance of the term "federated."

Synonym Operators

You use the words operator to specify that the terms in the keyword query are synonyms, and that results returned should match either of the specified terms. You can use the words operator with free text expressions only; it is not supported with property restrictions in keyword queries.

The following keyword query example matches results that contain either the term "TV" or the term "television". This matching behavior is the same as if you had used the following query.

WORDS(TV, Television)
TV OR Television

These keyword queries differ in how the results are ranked. When you use the words operator, the terms "TV" and "television" are treated as synonyms instead of separate terms. Therefore, instances of either term are ranked as if they were the same term. For example, a content item that contained one instance of the term "television" and five instances of the term "TV" would be ranked the same as a content item with six instances of the term "TV."

Wildcard Operator

You use the wildcard operator—the asterisk character ("*")—to enable prefix matching. You can specify part of a word, from the beginning of the word, followed by the wildcard operator, in your keyword query, as follows.


This keyword query would match results that include terms beginning with "serv", followed by zero or more characters, such as serve, server, service, and so on.

Inclusion and Exclusion Operators

You can specify whether the results that are returned should include or exclude content that matches the value specified in the free text expression or the property restriction by using the inclusion and exclusion operators, described in the following table.

Name Operator Behavior
Inclusion +

Includes content with values that match the inclusion. This is the default behavior if no character is specified.

Exclusion -

Excludes content with values that match the exclusion.


You can combine different parts of a keyword query by using the opening parenthesis character "(" and closing parenthesis character ")". Each opening parenthesis "(", must have a matching closing parenthesis ")". White space preceding or following parenthesis does not affect the query.

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800-313-3774 or 650-855-2121

Phone Options

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  2. All Other Customer Assistance

Email Options

Product Orders: orders@epri.com
Event Registration: events@epri.com
All Other: askepri@epri.com

Customer Assistance Specialists are
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8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Eastern Std. (GMT-5)